Fight Choreographer, Stunt Actor 

Andrew Chin is a Fight Choreographer and Stunt Actor from Canada who has worked on multiple Feature films and Television Series. Andrew’s Skills and training say it all.... In the Martial Arts: Muay thai (9 years exp.), Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial Arts (5 yrs), Wushu (13 years exp.), Tae Kwon Do, Free-style, Iaido. Weapons: Sword (Chinese and Japanese), staff, spear, double broadsword, kali sticks, knife fighting, 3-sectional staff, chainwhip, nunchakus, firearms training. Gymnastics: Basic floor tumbling, acrobatics, mini trampoline, basic trampoline skills. Stunts: Fight choreography, film fighting, ground falls, stair falls, wire work, air ram experience, fire stunts and safety, hand bombs, ongoing highfall training. Athletics: Horseback riding (English and Western), Weight lifting, Track and Field, hockey, rollerblading, volleyball, swimming, snowboarding, soccer, basketball.

 COUNTRY: Canada 
 HEIGHT: 5’10 
 WEIGHT: 150 lbs 
 WEBSITE: n/a 
 CONTACT: Send Email


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