Sunday, 18 December 2016


The Aimee short film will be a social awareness film that will bring to light the silent epidemic of child sex trafficking that happens right here in the United States. We will increase awareness through the power of captivating and insightful storytelling by Director Lee Whittaker who's last social awareness film about homelessness won over 16 International film awards, including the "Film Heals" award. 

 Sexual abuse is a silent epidemic that takes place throughout the United States and the world, creating social havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society. It can be prevented and it can be treated with a conscious and sustained effort. Returning from Afghanistan, Jessica, a Spec OPS Marine, finds herself in a war she never imagined and discovers middle America suburbia has changed when her thirteen year old sister, Aimee, is abducted by sex traffickers. 

 Here’s a preview to learn more!