Friday, 22 January 2016


Hiroo Minami is a Los Angeles based Stuntman/ActionDirector/Martial Artist who began his career in Japan trained by Okinawa Go-jyu-ryu "SEIBUKAN" Karate under Master Masafumi Suzuki (1929-1991) and is a 3rd degree Black Belt (14 times winner in competitions throughout 1982-1996). In 1983, He also trained by "JAPAN ACTION CLUB" and "Movie Horse Riding Center". After graduating from "JAPAN ACTION CLUB" in 1984, he was obligated to move to Tokyo to be a professional stunt performer. However, he continued to concentrate on karate and horseback riding in Kyoto.

Later on in 1996, Hiroo was determined to live in Los Angeles to pursue his dream to be a Hollywood stuntman. As his efforts paid off, in 1999, he obtained a chance to work in the movie "SHOGUN COP", performing as the main character. This was his Hollywood debut movie. Soon after, in 2001, he got hired full-time for the popular TV-show "POWER RANGERS". In 2002, he moved to New Zealand to accommodate the filming location for these series. Then in 2008, Hiroo relocated back to Los Angeles to continue working in Hollywood film industry.

Hiroo continues to share his talent on screen. He has appeared as a Vampire in the 1st feature film "30 DAYS OF NIGHT", performed in "NARNIA PRINCE CASPIAN", in which he also operated the action camera for the scene, "THE PACIFIC" (Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks), M. Night Shyamalan's "THE LAST AIRBENDER", "SAFE" (Jason Statham), "RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION"(Milla Jovovich) etc... One of the biggest highlights of his career took place in 2010. Hiroo was nominated in both "Best High Work" and "Hardest Hit" in the "Taurus World Stunt Awards", and was announced the winner of "Best High Work" in the movie "PUSH". This ceremony was held at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California May 15, 2010.

Following his achievement in 2010, Hiroo worked in "47 RONIN" (Keanu Reeves, theaters in 2013)and performed as a stunt double for Hiroyuki Sanada (who influenced Hiroo greatly to work in the stunt entertainment industry). He also appears in "THE WOLVERINE" (Hugh Jackman, theaters in 2013)as a member of US stunt team, and again, performed as Hiroyuki Sanada's Double. You can check out Hiroo Minami’s Resume at